DAMN, the latest BEAST COASTERS video goes! There is some very very solid shredding going on here and the editing gets an A+ in my book.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy Connor Bianchi, Connor Daley, Ryan McEvoy, Ethan Mosedale, Stephen Pope and LSDV ripping Burke Mountain.

    Beast Coasters: Bicycle Nightcycle at Talent Skatepark & Shop
    Beast Coasters 3 at Talent Skatepark
    Beast Coasters 4.1 – Saxon Hill in Essex, VT

  • Things That Can Kill You – Death Spray Custom

    “You need to make sure people hate it as well as love it”
    This stuck with me today. I’ve always been a fan of David’s work from Death Spray Custom, and here, we finally get a look into
    the man behind the paint. Even when he was kind enough to sponsor our first Monster Mash race, I was still clouded with aura of
    mystery about the man behind DSD; I liked it. As you can see now, there’s obviously method in his madness.

  • The Quiet Leaf Issue #3 Teaser

    The Quiet Leaf is a quarterly independent skateboarding publication that is based out of Seoul, Korea. Back in August I met the owner, Jin, while skating and hanging out in Seoul and he turned me onto this project of his. Issue 2 was rad! Can’t wait to check out #3. If you’re in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, France or England, check out the stocklist and pickup the latest issue at your local shop (Hey Jin – let’s get some of these in at Fly!?). In the meantime, enjoy my buddy ZZY in this quick teaser for issue #3.

  • Pinarello Dogma K8S


    The Pinarello Dogma K8S certainly caught my eye while surfing my usual big wave internet breaks the other day; but it wasn’t just the black & red carbon frame with Campy Record that drew me in. If you’re like me, the first thing you noticed on this bike is the soft tail style suspension unit at the top of the seat stays.

    When seeing this, I immediately thought of the Castellano Fango – one of the first hardtails I’d ever seen back in 2001 or 2002. The idea behind this is simple: dampening vibrations and isolating the rider from rough terrain will save energy. Energy saved means you can ride faster…at least in theory. Plus, this added suspension only increases the frames overall weight by 95 grams – not bad if you ask me.

    More photos (via Above Category) below as always. Enjoy.

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  • Mosaic Cycles XT-1 Disc


    As the cool weather approaches, I’m getting the seasonal urge to go rip my scorcher or ‘cross bike through the intervale…only problem is: there’s no intervale in Shanghai, and both of those bikes are back in the states. So, the best I can do at the moment is live vicariously though new ‘cross bike builds that are popping up throughout the interwebs.

    This recent Mosaic Cycles XT-1 disc caught my eye. It belongs to Liz, the other half of Aaron, the head of Mosaic Cycles. With the Shimano R785 hydro Di2 disc, ENVE fork and cockpit, ENVE XC tubular rims, Clement tires and Fizik finshings, this bike is sure to look just as pretty covered in mud as it does in these studio photos.

    Have a closer look below.

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  • Studio 191 at Factory Five

    A few months back, my buddy Elliot of Studio 191 threw a photo party at Factory 5 and my friend Theo Paul Santana was there to document it. Here’s a short that Theo produced from that night last spring. Enjoy.

  • Thru Axle vs. Quick Release?

    20568654643_7e46e031c4_b (1)
    Ever wondered what the benefits of using a thru axle are versus a quick release, or rather, the benefits of a quick release over a thru axle? Well, the good guys over at 44 Bikes dove in on the subject and came up with a super detailed and throrough piece on the hot topic.

    Head on over to 44 Bikes to read their TA vs. QR piece.

  • MASH 2015 Trailer

    MASH always has the best videos and they just released the trailer for their latest, premiering on September 12th in San Francisco. I guarantee this will get you in the mood to shred!