• A Snapshot of Bike Recycle Vermont

    Here’s a great short piece looking into Bike Recycle Vermont, what they do and the people in the community they’re connecting with. Shout-out to my old roommate and good friend Dan Hock! Miss you guys…and Vermont.


  • Johnny Tang – Backside Tailslide


    photo: Robert Van Impe

    My buddy Rob shot this photo of Johnny Tang sittin’ pretty in a backside tailslide at the infamous LP here in Shanghai. Once you’re done taking in the right half of this photo, direct your eyes to the left and you’ll see some more beauty; or maybe you noticed the bike first…


  • Creating The Sea Rambler by Geoff McFetridge

    This is incredible.

    Geoff McFetridge is easily one of my favorite artists and this video shows exactly why I look up to him; always learning, always trying something new and never thinking something is too absurd or out of reach to achieve. If you’ve seen the drawings of The Sea Rambler, you’re in for a real treat right now.

    During the 3-4 times I watched this video, I kept thinking to myself “Man, I’d love to be doing stuff like this one day…” So, thank you Geoff for the constant inspiration to be a lifelong learner, and thank you to Farm League for telling the story so beautifully.



  • Van Dessel Hellafaster


    Hell yeah! This right here is so rad to see.

    Back in 2007-2008 I worked for Edwin at Van Dessel, building and shipping customer’s bicycles. At the time we were shipping hella bikes, and the most popular being the Hellafaster.

    Fast-forward a few years and the ever-popular Hellafaster is being made stateside, in Portland, Oregon. This definitely surprised me as much as it stoked me out.

    Pictured here are a few snaps from Dan Chabanov of his freshly-built Hellafaster.


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  • NIGHT SHIFT | bomber rally style bike lights

    grit night shift bomber rally style bicycle lights 2
    grit night shift bomber rally style bicycle lights
    These are dope.

    I really like my current lighting setup for commuting as it’s lightweight, rechargeable and easily stashed in my bag. However, there’s a certain nostalgic-pull that these bomber/rally style bicycle lights from GRIT have on me.

    If I was still in Vermont ripping my Necromancer around, I’d be all over these lights. Be sure to head over to the Kickstarter page to learn more about the NIGHT SHIFT bomber rally style bicycle lights.




    If you know me, you know I’m a bag guy. If you’re also a bag guy/gal then you’ll surely appreciate the new Freitag Supersport Bags: the F45 LOIS and F46 CLARK.

    Good for just about anything, these bags are compact yet spacious. The Louis is 16.8 liters whereas the Clark is 26 liters. Pick your poison and make your life easier with a new bag from Freitag.


  • Stanridge Speed Evo Track Bike – Cycle Project Store

    stanridge speed track bikeJust like most cyclists out there, we here at Culture Cycles love our bike pr0n. So let’s get back on a solid schedule of sharing beautiful bicycles starting off with this Laser-inspired, triple triangle track bike from Stanridge Speed.

    Since moving to Shanghai and leaving all my non-fixed, freewheeling bikes in the states, I’ve really been embracing the simplicity of a track bike in a busy city. It sounds cliche, but whatever; track bikes will always have a special place in my heart and I hope to always have at least 1 in my quiver (I really miss my Gan Well Pro – it’d be tight to have that out here).

    Anyway, big ups to Cycle Project Store on this build and to Stanridge Speed on making another beautiful track frame. Hopefully I can make it out to Singapore sometime during my stay here in China.


    ps. thanks to Pedal Consumption for the tip.

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  • Mike Giant & Cinelli

    The guys at WingedStore.com recently had the pleasure of hanging out with legendary tattoo artist and illustrator, Mike Giant, out at his Colorado studio. Here’s a short where they discuss the Cinelli RAM carbon handlebar collaboration and touch on his history of working with Cinelli.

    Have a look at this short and be sure to see a few stills below.


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