My friend Dave, or Double D as we used to call him at High Gear started a blog about cycling and his life at school. He recently posted a few questions he had for David at Thomson and I’m glad he did because I had a bunch of the same questions…

Check out Double D’s blog here

How many people are you employing on the bicycle side of your business?

About 20 of our 65 people are involved in the bike side of the business.

Where are the materials sourced for seatposts and stems etc? Are these
products of domestic origin as well?

The aluminum ore is from Quebec and it is extruded for us in Minnesota. Bolts are from Chicago, washers and barrel nuts are from Cleveland.

Approximately how much volume does Thomson create, number of seatposts each

We don’t release sales numbers, but bikes is about 5 million a year for us.
We are about a 20 million dollar company overall.

What percentage of these posts are exported to distributors overseas?

About 60% of our sales are overseas.

Are their future plans to source some products overseas? Or does the
strength of the aerospace/engineering side of the business ensure that all
Thomson posts will be a product of the USA?

We have no plans to source anything overseas, no reason really. If you have
the capital, manufacturing can be done here. People off-shore to avoid
capital formation/expenditure.