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  • So posts have been slow recently, and might be until Chris and I get internet hooked up in the new place. Things have been busy with work and switching apartments. Hopefully June 1st-ish we’ll hit you with a chock full of updates. We’ve got a lot in the works right now, so stay tuned and keep checking in.

    Turn your speakers up and enjoy some Billy Joel if you’re in the same boat as us this week.

  • MASH SF will be riding these new Cinelli histogram frames to match their kits. Check out more photos here

  • Marty at Geekhouse did a nice write-up on touring on their blog. I’m definitely planning on going on tour in the near future. If riding bikes all day everyday while seeing all sorts of new stuff, set yourself up with a touring rig and plan your route!

  • Chris and I cruised down to the city last weekend and decided to check out the Bespoke hand-built bike exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design. We weren’t allowed to take photos, and got asked not to several times, so I decided to pimp the Geekhouse flickr and share some of Marty’s photos with you. Beautiful bicycles, craftsmanship and presentation. The exhibit even showcases photos and little details about each of the builders.

    I highly suggest checking this show out if you’re in the area. And if you make it to the museum, cruise up to the 6th floor and say hi to our friends at the Bamboo Bike Studio.

    They’re up there teaching classes with a month long residency and an awesome view of Columbus Circle.

    Thanks for the tee-shirts Josh and Justin for letting me ride his bike to the bar last weekend, see you dudes soon!

  • Our buddy Hunt sent us a link to a bunch of Old School BMX bikes. Hit the link and check these out, there are some gems in there for sure.

  • Saw this custom Nacho-Libre themed Bianchi at Bike Jerks. It’s loud, but thumbs up buddy-I love Bianchi’s and Jack Black’s alright too.

  • A couple really good skate edits I saw a few days ago for you to enjoy. The Nestor Jenkins video is beyond awesome. If you like fast skating, rad hair cuts and nice pants….watch it in full screen and turn the volume up.

    The first video showcases a park built by Grindline. Big things are happening here in Burlington in regards to the waterfront skate park. To follow the news and find out who will be building our brand new park, head over to Facebook and join the discussions.

  • Elevator rides