Life Cycles – Documentary from Justin Derry on Vimeo.

Our friends Justin Derry, William Babcock, and Chris Tremblay did a documentary on what it’s like to ride in Burlington and show the passion of cyclists here.

This is a short documentary on the bicycle community in Burlington, VT and three of the cyclists who support it. These cyclists are:
Chris Norris – A bike mechanic and college student who recently started a blog called Culture Cycles. He and Brian Kleiber co-founded this blog in an effort to weave the community together by establishing a central hub that encapsulates the entire spectrum of cycling.
Hubert d’Autremont – A small business owner who has just recently setup shop in an artist collective warehouse building hand-built bicycle frames.
Glenn Eames – The owner and founder of The Old Spokes Home in Burlington, VT. The Old Spokes home is a unique shop that prides itself on honoring the history of cycling and on creating an environment that is welcoming to all.

Their passion and commitment to cycling as a life style is what fueled this documentary. Thank you.

This documentary was created for the 2010 Champlain College Documentary class led by Professor Gordon Glover.

Directors: Justin Derry, Chris Tremblay, and William Babcock.
Camera: Canon 7D