“This is the new HALO Fix-G HG splined fixed hub. I’ve been testing it out for a while now and its perfect. Instead of the traditional threaded cog and lockring set up it uses the well proven HG spline. This means no more stuck or more importantly no more cogs working loose. It also lets you run Smaller sprockets without having to find custom lockrings. The spline also give you room to move. you can get your chainline dialed easily with this set up, no matter what cranks or frame. The cog can be spaced to get it spot on. Its a flip flop so on the other side you can run a freewheel if you want or a second fixed cog with the tradional threaded sytem. HALO has really thought this one out, all options covered plus it will come in 32h, 36h and beefy 48h. Look out for this one coming soon.

Fixed Gear London