The imformation on the 2011 campy record grupos.

Improved details to enhance control performance.
At Campy Tech Lab™ they have been working in this direction, reducing weight and improving performance. A new front air intake and a new design will make your bike look more aggressive and confident.
WEIGHT 337 g.

Red and white colors will immediately gain your attention, but the real surprise comes with the first shift; precise, extremely fast and with no hesitation. The new design in XPSSTM downshifting and up-shifting actuations have been designed and upgraded to offer the best possible shifting, even under extreme conditions of use.
WEIGHT 683 g. with BB

It’s the soul of the new 11v Record™ transmission!
Carbon fiber outer plate and cage plate. Upper and lower aluminum bodies are black, giving this shifting system – preferred by pros – a more aggressive look.
WEIGHT 172 g.

It is one of the essential components – together with the chainrings and the cassette – of the exceptional Record™ 2011 groupset.
Thanks to Ultra Shift™ technology, the derailleur cage is more rigid, while body and frame adjustment components cause the derailleur to be faster and more decisive.
WEIGHT 74 g.

In competition every little detail counts; that´s why steel and titanium were used when producing Record™ sprockets. The perfect teeth design results in a perfect synchronization between shifting and chain movement.
The six larger sprockets are divided in triplets, which are mounted on special frames to increase rigidity.
WEIGHT 201 g.

Pros are the everyday testing ground for the chain fitted on all advanced Record™ 11 and Super Record™ 11 groups.
Links and pins have been designed to adhere perfectly to gears and sprockets teeth providing maximum fluidity, reduced friction and improved chain life.
WEIGHT 239 g.

Following professional cyclists means meeting all their needs. This is why Campagnolo® has designed two Record™ brake options.
An extra pivot has been added to the standard single pivot rear version for those who want an immediate and decisive brake response. Braking power results from both our Skeleton design and the new brake shoe combination. The shoe holder allows for better regulation and helps to improve the friction surface.
WEIGHT 278 g.