I had the day off today and decided to take a trip down to a shop in Rochester that I knew had an awesome 165 Sugino Mighty crank hanging from the rafters. While I was there I also came across a beautiful NOS 1987 San Marco Rolls saddle, and sat down with shop owner Doon.

Doon opened Green Mountain Bicycles in 1986; yeah this little shop nestled off of rt. 100 in Rochester, VT has been open and running for 24 years. The shop has a vibe that encompasses the new and the old. There are tons of newer and old cranks, derailleurs, forks, and saddles hanging from the rafters above new full suspension trail bikes. This shop does have a little bit of everything.

I asked Doon how he got involved in cycling and he explained that it provided him with a certain type of freedom surpassed by none. In high school he conducted an independent study in which he disassembled and re-assembled a bike. The culmination of this class was a final ride of 300 miles. After this he worked in a shop in Illinois for a man from Thailand whose motto was, (in regards to fixing bikes) “If something is hard you’re not doing it right.” Doon’s addition was, “If you can’t do it right, do it wrong.”

This shop also boasts a pretty cool drawbridge that is raised and lowered with the use of a couple of ‘slightly’ altered bike drive trains that drive an impressive number of bottom bracket spindles welded together, and probably 20 yards of bicycle chain. This setup is designed so that the shop has an open feeling, it also allows for bikes to be test ridden right out of the shop and back in.

What started 24 years ago as a means of stability has turned into something quite unique. If your riding or driving by sometime its worth a stop.