Derek admiring one of Glen’s gems

Blotto and friends

Hunt’s Dad was impressed
Mixt Media-Single Speed mixte oozing with style-By Hunt Manley
The Horror-Fixed with Italian horror-story comics. By Hunt Manley
The Local Route-a Sturmey Archer S3X equipped townie covered with a map of Vermont. By Hunt Manley

The Unrestrained History Bike-Various show fliers for the band Unrestrained, by Hunt Manley
Cycles D’Autremont
Group frimp!
All photos: Christopher McCown

We headed down to Select Design on Friday for Crank, a show about bicycles, art and bicycle art. There were tons of things to look at between all the beautiful bicycles, the photos, the artwork, and the space. We hung around and checked out Hunt’s frames, Hubert’s track bike he built for Derek, and then decided to see a little bit more of the Art Hop. For more photos of the event go here!