Culture Cycles: Monster Mash October 30, 2010
Great turnout despite the frigid temperatures and on and off precipitation.

Rachel and Hank were stoked.
Here’s Cap’n Dan Hock, about to win the race on Debbie (bike on right)
The ET costume/setup was great.
Crucial Couriers Zach and HR
Kai was a tallbike for Halloween
Grant’s second-to-last day in Burlington before moving out to Washington. Thanks for coming out man, it’s been great hanging out; goodluck out there!

Truffle Shuffle stop at the Chubby Muffin

Trying to figure out winners and prizes
Winners of Freewheel and Fixed. L t R: Phil and Dan (1st overall and 1st freewheel) and Bill Lockwood (1st place fixed)
Chris McCown came out to shoot some photos, stay tuned!

p: Brian Kleiber, Christopher Norris, and Grant

We had a great turnout for this race and can’t thank everyone enough for all the help and for showing up. We’ve been putting hours in for the past month or two trying to get things in order and besides the crummy weather, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It’s great to see the local cycling support even when it’s 39 and rainy, and seeing how much fun was had was even better.

We’d like to thank all the racers again, all the volunteers (you made it happen, especially the last minute folks from Portland), Graham and Matt at Manhattans Pizza, and all our sponsors for their amazing prizes. We can’t wait to start up a springtime alleycat, so stay tuned! In the meantime, get ready for Liam’s 3rd Annual Turkey Chase

Brian, Hunt and Chris