The Great Turkey Chase Photos, Round 1

Huge thanks to Liam Griffin for putting on the 3rd annual Turkey Chase and Food Drive here in Burlington, VT. The race was a blast, the weather was amazing, and the turnout was huge; oh yea, so was the pile of food everyone helped gather for donation. This year racers brought in more than 1200 pounds of canned goods and 7 full turkeys=a busy day at the Food Shelf.

If you aren’t familiar with the previous Turkey Chases, it’s a traditional alleycat formatted race consisting of about 10 stops, each stop being a grocery store or quick-mart. Racers carry a shopping list with what to get at each location and if you’re feeling strong or generous you can pick up a full turkey for a bonus prize-this year about 7 or 8 turkeys made their way to Frannie O’s.

We rode the race as team Culture Cycles x Old Spokes Home which consisted of Chris, Hunt, Derek, Dan and myself and while this may not have been the best (or fastest) strategy for making it through checkout lines, we definitely had an amazing time.

Enjoy the photos courtesy of my phone, the pair from the Food Shelf were taken by Liam. The last 12 in the gallery are courtesy of Cory McDonald.