Ye Olde Time Scorcher Gang

I was cruising some forums this morning, reading about the original scorcher bikes, gangs, etc. And I came across this awesome photo, and a great bit of poetry which immortalizes the scorcher which was otherwise held in very low regard. Read it after the jump.

I am the scorcher!
Please observe
The curve
That appertains to my spine!
With head ducked low
I go
Over man and beast, and woe
Unto the thing
That fails to scamper when I ting-a-ling!
Let people jaw
And go to law
To try to check my gait,
If that’s their game!
I hate
To kill folks
But I will do it, just the same.
I guess
They clear the tracks for me;
Because, you see,
I am the Scorcher, full of zeal,
And just the thing I look like on the wheel.