Singletracks: 1995

Head over to SingleTracks for a great post on the ealier days of mountain bike development.  Anyone know what is going on with those chainrings? I can’t imagine how something like that even worked, between chain length issues and getting your front derailleur to shift that.  Check out more of these here.

  • Deflux

    The chainring style was called a Kamikaze Chain Ring – used for the old school mid 90’s Downhilling. Think/google John Tomac and Missy Giove. The tracks were big wide open ski field dirt/gravel runs rather than todays more tech tracks.

  • how did it work? Given the chain length I can’t imagine once you’re on the little ring you could shift back up.

  • Let alone run the granny ring without rubbing chain on the front derailleur cage.