Tokyo Fixed: 3Rensho

In case you haven’t already heard Tokyo Fixed just posted a few beautiful 3Rensho frames for sale. Make sure to check them out, and if you have some extra dough kicking around these things are mint! More here.

The frame above is also for sale on their site. A G.R Reed 531 Road frame, 58cm, if I had the extra dough I’d be all over that. Shit is beautiful, plus with the new zodiac sign changes, I’m a Leo (Star).


This post has strayed away from its original content and toward the G.R. Reed frame, but if you are interested I believe this is the same bike, complete and original on Classic Lightweights.

  • Bugger. I’ve just turned out to be a Libran. Which relegates my Scorpio tattoo irrelevant. That Reed frame is magnificent!