Chris’s: Raleigh Team USA Captain America

Our buddy Chris McCown at The Old Spokes Home built up this Raleigh Team USA and made quite the fixed-conversion out of it. I remember we had these star-spangled Velocity/Origin-8 wheels sitting at the shop for way too long and after enough convincing and nagging, Chris decided to buy them for this build.

Captain America, Team America, Bud-Heady, Marb Reds, Wonder Bread, McDonald’s, and spaceships are all things that come to mind when I see this bike. If only The Intimidator rode bikes…..cause this would be his daily driver. Check out another shot below.

  • jeremyb

    what brake levers are those?

    • Hey, just spoke with Chis because I couldn’t tell from the angle either but they’re Sram S500’s with white hoods. Pretty sharp looking.