Culture Cycles Update: My College Capstone

This post is for my Marketing capstone class at Champlain College:

Culture Cycles was an idea I had back towards the end of 2009 as a way for me to share my favorite bicycle-related content with my friends and to learn more about blogging and social media. My friend Chris and I would always send each other links, so we figured why not put that towards something productive? Soon after launching, our good friend Hunt became involved and we started getting to work. It’s been almost a year and a half since we started and I’ve learned a ton about WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, all the Google apps, Klout scores, SEO, and much more doing the same web-surfing I’ve been doing for years but using it to learn and continue learning.  We’ve even organized, sponsored and helped coordinate multiple cycling events in Burlington since starting the blog.

Since launching on January 1, 2010, we’ve switched from a Blogger-based platform to a site after a few months of blogging; learning that WordPress offered better options for SEO and offered a much more comprehensive back-end that allowed us to further customize the layout.

Once making the switch, I learned more about SEO and started trying to optimize the site and our posts from that point on. As you can see from the chart above, the blue represents the 60% of our visits that came from referring sites, the direct traffic in green and finally search engines in orange at 10%. This was before we made the switch.

The chart above shows what our traffic looks like after optimizing and switching platforms. The blue now represents search engines at 47%, green for referring sites, orange for direct, and yellow for Twitter and other.


It was great learning and seeing the progress of the blog, so that was motivation to keep sharing everyday.


In March of 2011, the blog crashed and we were completely locked out. There was no way of accessing the log-in screen. Since my technical knowledge of accessing the site through FTP was non-existent, the site stayed down for over a month until Chris answered the S.O.S. calls. Since then, I’ve been trying to learn more about preventing crashes and continue to stay active through out social media outlets.  So here’s to a fun year and five months, we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming up over the next two weeks. If you’re disappointed there wasn’t any bike content, refresh your browser in a few minutes or have a look at our Featured Bikes section, we’re going to be adding some more this week.


Thanks to everyone who’s been reading, commenting, posting and giving ‘nods’ over the past 17 months, this Bud’s for you.




  • LG

    congrats on making it this far! Looking forward to some more original content now that VT bike season is here…

  • Thanks Liam!