Custom Parlee Z5 from Above Category

Parlee Z5 Custom Road bike

The folks at Above Category always seem to have the fresh goods and this custom Parlee Z5 is no exception. Those Gen II Lightweight Ventoux’s were the first thing to catch my eye; then it started wandering and before I knew it I’d already listened to a whole Too Short album. See what I’m talking about here.


  • If you want to see the real deal locally (and I highly recommend it knowing bob and Isabel and the gang at Parlee), head out to Richmond and see Gene at Belgen Cycles. He’s a Parlee dealer and the best darn mechanic/bike owner around.

    Happy Riding

  • I’ve been there once or twice and love the shop; small, quaint and high-end! Thanks for the comment. Hopefully we can make it back there for another visit and maybe some photos this time!