Maglianero Cafe: Opens Friday in Burlington, VT

Maglianero Cafe Burlington VT

I’m excited to share that this Friday is Maglianero‘s opening day here in Burlington, Vermont. They’re a cycle cafe with the goal of bringing together the large and diverse community of Burlington cyclists:

As cyclists, we are constantly barraged with the competitive connotations of different-hued jerseys recognizing everything from success at specialization to absolute victory in any given race. As relevant to the culture as this celebratory color coding is, it seems to ignore the fact that the tests most riders face go unsung.

For commuters and anyone else using a bicycle as transportation, “victory” is often defined in humble–though often profound–terms. Having been inspired by a sport that we had given much of our lives to–and with Cash’s words ringing true in our ears–the idea for the Modern Mobility Movement and its symbol, the Maglianero (literally black jersey) was born.”

Learn more about Maglianero here and make sure to swing by Friday!


47 Maple St

Burlington, VT