Embrocation Cycling Journal: Custom Parlee Z3 Build

Parlee Z3

Custom Parlee Z3

Ever wonder how custom carbon road bikes are built? Embrocation Cycling Journal has a great post on his new custom built Parlee Z3 with a ton of photos and commentary; it’s a great look into tube-to-tube handbuilt carbon!. Here’s the first paragraph to get you primed:


“What’s big, black and weighs 15 lbs? My new bike of course. I was just refreshing my memory of Part1 and realized that, though I made what I wanted, there was a lot more that came out of this build. I have put about 300 miles on the Z3 in the past few weeks and it has allowed me to ride at the very ragged edge of my ability and fitness. My commuting times have dropped 4 minutes over the 9 mile route. I rode a century in the lead pack for 75 miles averaging 25 mph before I cracked. I beat the thunderstorm home today; my shoes are still dry! For athletes of greater prowess, and there are a lot, these are minor events but they are my personal bests. A bike that can do that from the moment you throw a leg over it is magic. That’s how I feel about the Z3.”

Custom Parlee z3

Parlee z3

Custom Parlee Z3

Custom Parlee Z3