Brian Vernor Interview

Brian Vernor


The Bicycle Story recently conducted an interview with Santa Cruz’s jack-of-many trades and cyclist, Brian Vernor– and it’s a great read for sure. I’ve been a following Brian’s work for many months now and it’s extremely impressive to say the least. Here’s a snippet of the interview below, but I know you’re gonna want to read the rest so head on over to The Bicycle Story.


“Brian Vernor has a cool thing going for himself. The fourth-generation Santa Cruz, CA resident is a photographer, filmmaker, and adventurer who travels the world using his cameras to tell stories (and very frequently, ones about bikes). Sometimes it’s companies like Rapha or Jamis who send him off on a job. Other times its for his own projects like The Cyclocross Meeting and Where Are You Go, films that he shot in Japan and across Africa respectively. I spoke to Brian about his start as a filmmaker and photographer, his love for cyclocross, his adventure on a “rail bike,” the subjects currently catching his eye, and more.

When did you start getting into bikes? Has it been a lifelong infatuation or did the love come later on in life?

If you didn’t love riding a bike as a kid I don’t know what to say. For almost everyone bikes were the first chance to do something your parents had no control over….”