First Impressions: Levi’s Commuter Jeans

Levis The Commuter Jeans

I got a pair of the new Levi’s Commuter jeans in the mail the other day and so far am really impressed! I’ve been wearing these for the past two days, working and doing my regular commuting/errands and I’m really starting to appreciate the small cycling-specific details the more I ride them. The integrated U-lock holster makes stashing the Mini-Evo even easier. Speaking of stashing things, there’s a zipper pocket above the two back pockets for keeping whatever fits comfortably. The stretch and extra length come in handy as well as the reflective seams; I felt a little safer cruising intersections last night. I also find the extra height in the back of the waist to be nice especially while riding.  So far I’m having good feelings about the new Commuter line from Levi’s. I’ll let you know what I think in another week after they break-in a bit.


Levis Commuter Line

Levis The Commuter Jean

  • LG

    I got a pair as well, and also enjoy them, but the left side placement of the ulock holster baffles me… I have worn a fabric horse seatbelt holster on my belt for years, on the right side, so I just can’t get used to the left sided holster. I figure most people are right handed, but Levis has their logo tag on the right on all their jeans, so doing the holster on that side would probably go against some sort of design rule they have. Aside from that, I like all the other details… stretch fabric, reflective accents, etc.

  • Yea I had the same initial reaction to the holster on the left and also came to that conclusion with the placement of the Levi’s logo. Been liking them so far though; they feel rugged but still provide some mobility which is hard to come by these days.

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