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  • Animal Bikes: Wormz “All Day”

  • Week Off Part 3: King Kog &Tall Bike

    Hunt Manley Tall Bike

    Earlier this month, Hunt and I had a week off to head down to Jersey and the city for a little visit. While riding around Brooklyn, we decided to pay Gina and Shawn at King Kog a visit. As soon as we got there it started raining so we hung out inside and did some frimping and chatting. While inside we came across this wild tall bike they had on loan from a friend who’s currently touring on another tall bike he’s made – crazy. They told us to test ride it, so we took it for a spirited stroll down the block and over a few curbs – you’d be S.O.L. trying to wipe the doo-doo eating grin off either of our faces. Thanks guys!

    If you missed the first and second reports from this journey, have a look at those and be sure to browse the other shots below.


    Week Off Part 1: NYC

    Week Off Part 2: Bamboo Bike Studio


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  • Testing the Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Bracket

    Bushnell EBB

    A couple days ago I got my Bushnell EBB shell in the mail, a big upgrade from my previous shell which was only secured by the four set screws on the BB shell’s underside. My Bushnell expands when you turn the 4-mm bolt clockwise – making for a really snug and slip-free fit.

    I mainly got this EBB ’cause I grew tired of my two front set screws stripping after repeatedly chasing/retapping the threads. With only two days riding the new shell I’ve noticed my bottom bracket area has become noticeably stiffer and more responsive; no creaks, no noise-just the humming of my tires. We’ll see how it goes over the next couple weeks but so far I’m really happy with the purchase. Anyone else riding this EBB or have an EBB setup?


  • Signal Cycles: Matt’s Road Bike

    Signal Cycles Road Bike

    I love what sparked this build…I mean those are some really great looking brakes, those Sachs dropouts are pretty fine as well. Here’s Signal Cycles new road bike for Matt.

    “I decided that I needed a bike with Paul’s Racer brakes. This frame ended up being a bunch of left over tubing and a fork that was just lying around. The stem was on a shelf in the shop collecting dust. I kept the build low cost opting for down tube shifters and all 105 parts. The rest of the parts are begged, borrowed, or stolen off other bikes in the basement stash. This bike will see a lot of time on Saltzman this fall!

    More photos are a click away.


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  • Levi’s Commuter Jeans: A Month Later

    Levis Commuter Jean

    So about a month ago I received a pair of Levi’s Commuter Jeans in the mail and was eager to see how they stood up to current quiver of pants. Despite the warm July and August temperatures here in Burlington, I still found those cooler days when wearing jeans made sense. Plus, the nights have been cooling off pretty quickly over the past couple weeks, giving me the perfect opportunity to test the reflective inner lining out.

    My first impression riding in these was that they were a little stiffer than most of my other pants (maybe it’s because I haven’t worn denim in a while), but after a few days of my daily commute and errands I found them to break-in like your favorite baseball glove. They hold their shape well and the added height in the back of the waist is a nice touch. Definitely a fan, thanks Levi’s!

    See some more features and photos below.


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  • Nigel Sylvester: All Day Sessions – Bay Area

    Damn, bombing those hills brakeless looks scary fun. Here’s the latest from Nigel Sylvester via Gatorade BMX.

    In the final edit of the three-part “All Day Sessions” series from Gatorade, Nigel Sylvester and Ralphy Ramos head out to Bay Area, California. A long day of bombing hills, hitting up spots and a group ride around the city all lead to an exclusive performance by Dom Kennedy. Soundtrack features the track “2 mph” by Dom Kennedy, featuring Big K.R.I.T. Video shot by Glenn PP Milligan.

  • Outlier | MИШKA Shirt

    Outlier Mishka

    It’s nice to see two NYC clothing companies like Outlier and Mishka coming together on a simple and sharp looking shirt:

    Detailed with MИШKA branded 20 ligne buttons, 1/4″ top-stitching, our classic “storm flap” chest pocket and double button adjustable cuffs. The fabric is perfectly pattern matched and the Pivot Sleeve gives you a tailored fit with a full range of movement. Let’s just say that more than a couple of us are sporting them here at the office. Available in Gray Plaid, Purple Plaid, and Red/Blue Plaid.

    Snatch yours for the fall here.


  • Old School KLUNKING

    Man, the early days look like they were a blast! :51 “Klunking is muddy in the winter, and it’s dusty in the summer heh”. The Repack got it’s name from the inevitable post-race routine of repacking your coaster hub-’cause when you’re flying down from the top of Marin County that grease in your hub doesn’t stand a chance.