Levi’s Commuter Jeans: A Month Later

Levis Commuter Jean

So about a month ago I received a pair of Levi’s Commuter Jeans in the mail and was eager to see how they stood up to current quiver of pants. Despite the warm July and August temperatures here in Burlington, I still found those cooler days when wearing jeans made sense. Plus, the nights have been cooling off pretty quickly over the past couple weeks, giving me the perfect opportunity to test the reflective inner lining out.

My first impression riding in these was that they were a little stiffer than most of my other pants (maybe it’s because I haven’t worn denim in a while), but after a few days of my daily commute and errands I found them to break-in like your favorite baseball glove. They hold their shape well and the added height in the back of the waist is a nice touch. Definitely a fan, thanks Levi’s!

See some more features and photos below.


Levi's Commuter Jean

Above the back pockets is this zipper stash pocket. I haven’t put much in there but I’m sure I’ll find some use for it eventually.

Levi's Commuter Jean

Levi's Commuter Jean

The U-lock loop has definitely come in handy. If I’m not frequently locking up it’s nice, but since I’m not left-handed ( I’m getting pretty close to being full-on ambidextrous) it’s sometimes a pain reaching above my left pocket.

Levi's Commuter Jean

I really like the inner reflective lining – makes riding those dark intersections at night feel a little safer. With winter approaching and the days getting shorter, this lining will help me to be a little more visible during rush-hour.


  • LG

    they ditched the zipper pocket in production I think. I don’t have that on mine…

  • Yeah, you’re right…makes sense since it’s not the most comfortable place to store objects.