Week Off Part 3: King Kog &Tall Bike

Hunt Manley Tall Bike

Earlier this month, Hunt and I had a week off to head down to Jersey and the city for a little visit. While riding around Brooklyn, we decided to pay Gina and Shawn at King Kog a visit. As soon as we got there it started raining so we hung out inside and did some frimping and chatting. While inside we came across this wild tall bike they had on loan from a friend who’s currently touring on another tall bike he’s made – crazy. They told us to test ride it, so we took it for a spirited stroll down the block and over a few curbs – you’d be S.O.L. trying to wipe the doo-doo eating grin off either of our faces. Thanks guys!

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King Kog

King Kog

King Kog