Frejus X 2

Frejus Bicycle Track bike

His and hers? Buy a backup in case you lose one? Just have two of everything? Who knows. CicliDevotion posted a few photos of this Frejus pair on Flickr – have a look.

UPDATE: Just saw the same photos on Prolly, w/ some background

“I “found” the second one about 5-6 years ago by chatting up a guy I met on the sidewalk in front of a bike shop. He decided to let it go when he recently retired/moved and I found a new owner, for whom I overhauled and rebuilt the entire bike. First build outta the new Cicli Devotion World HQ…The matching road bike is currently in the work stand!

Dude had a Frejus road bike (slightly later) in the same size that he also sold to my buddy…So the pair will stay together, as they have for 40 years…only they’ll once again round the loop in Central Park, in accordance with the wishes of the original owner, who left NYC ages ago. He had some GREAT tales of racing here in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s really why I love Frejus…Keeps us connected to the history/legacy of racing in this city…”