Surly 1×1 / Rat Ride

surly rat ride 1x1

Do you remember Surly’s Rat Ride – their 11th anniversary bike that they released as a tribute to the original Rat Ride (1×1)?  The 11th Anniversary Rat Ride came equipped with 24″ large marge rims, 3″ slicks, and 666mm half-moon bars. Well, while that build looked incredible and was a blast to ride (on flats or down hill only) – it wasn’t the most practical setup.

The Rat Ride 1×1 was Surly‘s first frame they ever built, later to be renamed to the 1×1. Nowadays you’ll see 1×1’s built up in all sorts of fashions for off-road use. The Old Spokes Home has your custom built 1×1 setup as a single speed with hand-built 26″ wheels to the 1×1 hubs, a Surly Mr. Whirly Crankset, upright bars similar to the Open Bars. Stop on in for a test ride!

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