Rick McCrank Eddy Merckx Girl Deck

Eddy Merckx Rick McCrank Skateboard

Rick McCrank’s new Girl skateboard featuring an Eddy Merckx inspired logo has to be one of my favorite skate graphics I’ve seen yet! If you know me personally, I’m a big fan of skateboarding and therefore have seen more than my fair share of skateboard art and graphics. As a lifelong skateboarder and cyclist, Rick’s new pro-model sporting a Merckx tribute logo really got me excited – not to mention the fact that it’s an 8.25! Adding this to the “buy once paid” list cause I have a feeling they won’t last too long – for the first time in my life, I might have to pick up a board and not skate it!

via Prolly


  • LG

    Too funny, I picked up that deck from Maven last week, tweeted it to Prolly and it ends up on CC. Small world. Brendan @ Maven can probably order in another one for you…

  • Haha, well just know if I would have seen it first it’d be in my possession! I saw that Prolly said thanks Liam and for second I thought it might have been you and it was – hah small world indeed. I’ll be speaking to Brendan on Monday about getting another.

  • Plus Rick McCrank’s been one of my favorite skaters since I was just lil shrimp!