Dan’s Univega Townie: Edmond aka Fast Eddie

dans commuter - old spokes home

schmidt edelux- old spokes home

My roommate and former co-worker Dan recently wrote a great piece on the “coming together” of his most recent ride: An ode to the classic Raleigh Tourist –  a do-all Univega town bike, known as Edmond or Fast Eddie. This bike is rad and features a super long wheelbase, slack angles, internally geared, and a dynamo front wheel. It’s got everything you’d want in a do-it-all bike – a hard order to fill these days. Since I enjoyed reading his words so much, I’ll post a little excerpt here (just make sure you read the whole story!):

“I set my sights on early mountain bike, as they generally make a great platform for a city conversion. “Why?” you ask; well the early school of thought in mountain bike geometry was long and lax. The head tube and seat tube are laid back, which, when coupled with a fork that has a lot of rake proves to be a long bike. A second notable feature is that these post-klunking off road machines generally have horizontal or semi-horizontal drop outs, that means no need for a chain tensioner if your running an internally geared hub. Lastly, these bikes generally came equipped with all of the eyelets necessary for mounting racks and fenders. It’s almost as if the mountain bike builders of old wanted to give credence to the old English steeds.”

Make sure to head over to the Old Spokes Home blog for the full story and more photos – it’s a great read!