Outlier: Woolback OG

outlier woolback og pant

The Outlier Woolback OG pant is essentially a merino wool lined version of their already stellar Classic OG pant. If you’re searching for a sharp-looking pant that’ll keep those legs a little warmer through your winter commute, have a look at the Woolback OG’s. The price (as usual) is a bit steep, but before you balk make sure to read-up on story, fabric and details behind these pants. 100% made in NYC, these pants are equipped with Nanosphere tech – which helps as a self-cleaning fabric for when things get moist (rain, snow etc…) and have a ton of R/D behind them as all Outlier products do.

I’d love to put a pair up against a Vermont winter – but as mentioned earlier, they’re a little out of my price-range at the moment.

To purchase a pair, head over to the Outlier store and browse the rest of their collection.