• Minde

    Gorgeous frame, a “funky” set up to say the least. Nokon cables (creak like hell after while and hard to clean) wich are too short for this handlebar height, a triple rear derailleur, Sram Force Compact chainset and the Campag component mix, the steerer stack height (Amigo You need man up and drop the handlebar height or get a bigger frame, that stack is beyond the manufacturers recommendation by a mile).

    Sorry for the constructive criticism (sell the frame to me:)

  • Haha oh please, the bar height’s fine – pretty sure the owner’s on the older side too. There’s nothing wrong with having a couple inches of steerer, especially on a STEEL bike – of which appears to be built with spare parts (and a size too small for the rider). I personally, think the cable housing length is fine – housing that’s too long is quite a pet peeve of mine and it’s something you see far too often theses days.

    As far as the creaking and cleaning go…son, gets some triflow up in there and you’ll be shifting smoothly across the rainbow til the pot of gold at the end.