Visiting Francesco Moser’s Garage



Some great shots from Eroica Cicli‘s visit to Francesco Moser’s garage…One day I’ll have a space just like this and it’ll be called my “Nerd Cave”. Granted, it won’t be filled with drool-worthy NOS Campy and insane track bikes, but I’m sick of hearing about middle-aged men and their  lazy boy, big screen, all ESPN channel “man-caves” (except yours Dad, since it’s more of a naked room with a rowing machine). See the rest of this spot below, and get ready to dooool.


  • Cecco’s got quite an ego, eh? Years ago we were at his bike shop in Arco where they had “the last one” of the special jerseys made for his retirement. You probably remember the ones printed with all the newspaper headlines of his career? This one was even autographed by Moser. One of our friends bought this “last one” as a souvenir even though it wasn’t the correct size. The next time we visited we saw Cecco’s sister in the back of the store signing more “autographs” onto jerseys. But ya gotta love the guy, still riding and making wine!

  • Hah, I’d say – but still very respectable. I can only imagine what it’d be like looking back on a life of those achievements.

    Great story though – thanks for sharing! Autographs are one of those things you gotta be weary about – nice to see he’s still kept his character.