Culture Cycles Vermont

Testing out the new 50mm 1.8 I got for my Alpha 300, I shot a few photos after riding home from work the other day. Speaking of which, the weather in Burlington and Vermont has sucked lately; no snow, fluctuating temperatures, and crummy conditions at the mountains. It’s way more fun riding both bicycles and snowboards/skis on fresh snow rather than the icy chunder we’ve been dealt lately. Anyhow, if you’d like to see a few more photos they’re below. Expect a bunch more bike photos from us and our friends over the coming weeks too. Happy Monday.


culture cycles

Hubert D'Autremont Bicycle

  • Yeah, we had a week of skin-freezing temps but things have settled down a bit. I thought at one pt I was going to succumb to hypothermia 50 yards from Whole Foods. But then I do tend to exaggerate. Good for you for still getting out there. Nice studded tires.

  • Yeah it’s the fluctuation that bothers me. Lately we’ve been having temperatures in the teens and below with little to no snow! I love winter riding though, how’s it been treating you out in Boulder?