Winter Additions to the Bob

country road bob e thirteen chain ring

deore rear derailleur

This bike is always changing. Early this fall I added a rear rack and started using panniers for everything from my daily commute to full-on grocery trips. Panniers are great. A weeks worth of groceries on a singlespeed in hilly Burlington, Vermont – plus studded tires, isn’t so great; so I 1×9’d my Van Dessel Country Road Bob.

I had a Deore derailleur kicking around and a near new cassette, all I needed was a 700c/29″ rear disc wheel, which I got a great deal on at the Old Spokes Home. Since adding a range of speeds to my commuter bike, I find the often added-weight (from bags/groceries) in the rear to be an even more welcomed challenge. But all in all, it’s been a great change for the winter and makes for getting those 700x32c studs up to speed a bit easier.

Have a look at a couple more shots of the winter setup below.


winter commuting bicycle

van Dessel country road bob winter bike