A Year In Review

culture cycles

A lot has been going on here over the last year, and I anticipate an even more fun-filled 2012. There’s been quite the influx of cycling events around town this past year too, and I hope to see that continue this year. Twenty-eleven brought us the second annual Monster Mash, the 4th  Turkey Chase, the Mad Dashes roller races, The Herringbone Tweed Run, the Noreaster ‘cross race, the opening of Maglianero, road trips and much more. Check out the list of what we were up to this past year and some photos below. Here’s to two years strong (of CultureCycles.com) and another two easy!


bicicleta abajo

#1 Bicicleta Abajo: A blog documenting our good friend’s 6 month bicycle tour through South America from January-June 2011. Definitely worth reading – link to their blog.

mad dashes roller racing

#2 Mad Dashes Roller Racing Series presented by The Old Spokes Home. 2011 brought the first winter roller racing series to Burlington with a 2-month, weekly racing schedule at different bars around town. See more coverage here.


#3 Maglianero Cafe opens. A cafe catered towards cyclists with the best coffee in town. More info at the Maglianero Facebook.

“Farm-direct, hand-crafted coffees-the fuel for the ride.
A café/collaborative space/commuter hub-the center of community
interaction, education, and creativity.
A responsibly-sourced, durably crafted and built, commuter-centric cycling apparel brand-stylish, functional, year round protection from the elements.

d'autremont cycles

#4 Cycles d’Autremont – Our friend Hubert has been building frames for 6 years now and had this classy porteur bike shown at the 2011 Oregon Manifest.

burlington last stand polo

#5 Last Stand (Again) Bike Polo Tournament – Burlington, Vermont. One last stand for the polo court here in #btv – read up more on the tournament here.

bamboo bike studio

#6 2011 Culture Cycles Week Off: NYC – for the last two years, Hunt and I have taken a little road trip in August down the coast, visiting shops, riding and just enjoying the journey. This past summer, we visited some friends in New York City including our buddies at Bamboo Bike Studio before they departed on their cross-country journey. Check out all from our road trip here.

modern mobility movement burlington vt

#7 Modern Mobility Mindshare – Portraits Greg Comollo shot a grip of great bike portraits from the Modern Mobility Mindshare at Maglianero on September 9th. Browse away right here.

Monster_Mash_burlington vermont

#8 – 2nd Annual Monster Mash Alley Cat –  2011 brought us the second-annual Monster Mash alley cat here in Burlington, Vermont. We had some great support and a solid turnout again! The race ended at Manhattan’s with a performance by Rough Francis. Check out all the coverage here.

herringbone tweed ride burlington vermonte

#9 The Herringbone: Burlington’s Own Tweed Run – This year also gave birth to Burlington’s first tweed ride. I helped my friend Hank Stokes organize a city-wide cruise with a bunch of short stops along the way. Check out all the coverage as well as the portraits here – everyone looked great!

the great turkey chase burlington vermont

#10 The 4th annual Great Turkey Chase– each year Liam Griffin organizes an alleycat-style food drive, where riders either race or cruise to number of groceries around town with a shopping list with bonus for those who grab turkeys.  This year tipped the scales with 1470 pounds of food and 22 turkeys!

2011 noreaster burlington vermont

#11 2011 Noreaster – Burlington, Vermont

Hunt and Chris were down at the ‘cross races on Saturday, shootin’ photos, sluggin’ man sodas and supporting our buddies racing. All photos by Hunt Manley, here’s what he had to say about the day:” Read Hunt’s writeup on the race featuring Dan Hock and Per Tonn here.

basement bike workshop

#12 Workspaces Upon moving recently, one of the best perks is living with a fellow bike mechanic. Dan already had a nice work space going when I moved in, complete with a truing stand – such a treat going from a 3rd floor fully-carpeted apt. with no basement.