Lotus Super Pro Aero – Gold

lotus super pro

Remember that Lotus Super Pro Aero I posted last week? Well I got an email from a nice named Ronnie from Alabama and he recently picked this Super Pro Aero, the limited production run of the original Super Pro Aero (pink) which was designed to break the transcontinental time record.

Where does one come across such a rarity, and in such condition? Craigslist of course. Talk about a great find! Thanks for sending these  over Ronnie.

Couple more shots below.


lotus super pro

lotus super pro

  • Adam

    Just picked one of these up today! What an amazing unmolested bike it is. Only thing I need for it is a kashimax saddle and the brake hoods are dry rotted as well as the tires. Just wondering if there are any places to find them at a reasonable price.