White Canvas Project LA: Death Spray Custom

death spray custom

death spray custom

The White Canvas Project is coming to Los Angeles for its second round and will feature the works of Leba, Food One, Koffinz, Memuco, Death Spray Custom, David Walker & SheOne – I can’t wait to see some coverage!

The event takes place on February 24th at the iam8bit gallery in W.Sunset, LA.

Oh yes – Death Spray Custom, one of my favorites, has this way of consistently blending art and functionality into anything he works on; much of which has to do with 2-wheeled mobility.  Just take a look at some of DSC’s work here.

“A dose of dry wit and automotive urethane paint is the chosen medium for DSC (Death Spray Custom). Brought up in Wales on a diet of two wheels, DSC often works in themes of subversion and desire, often in the world of mobility. The results are simple, striking and shiny pieces of work that purposefully blur the lines between art, brands and consumerism.”

Check out the video from the first four-day paint jam and get an idea of what to expect (if you’re luck enough to be in LA for this).