Brew Review #2: The Alchemist Heady Topper

the alchemist heady topper

yeah…this was meant for yesterday, but hey, I was drinking Heady Toppers.

This beer right here is nothing new to me. It’s been my hands-down favorite for some time now, ever since a friend of mine generously gave me my first can. Since then, I’ve never been able to accept one for free, as I know how valuable they are in both taste and skrill.

The beer I’m talking about is The Alchemist’s Heady Topper, an American Double IPA so full of flavor that once the can pops, everyone in the room will know you’ve got some heady beer – and at least one will make a joke about it smelling like hippies. The Alchemist used to be a seven-barrel brew pub located in Waterbury, VT, but has since had to shut their doors due to damage from Hurricane Irene. However, the beer lives on! They’re currently focusing on producing one beer only (that being the Heady Topper) at their new 15 barrel, small-production cannery also located in Waterbury; and they’re doing it damn well.

As far as the beer goes, it’s one you must try if you’re in VT or have a friend who’d ship some to you. If you’re a fan of hops, and IPAs that reek of flavor, then this beer is a sure win. I’ve tried a long list of IPAs and too, and many come on so bitter at first that the flavor gets lost as you continue drinking it. The Topper has such a complex flavor that really engages your taste buds, start to finish. Oh yeah, it’s 8%. Happy Friday.