Brew Review #4: Sierra Nevada Estate

sierra nevada harvest estate

Back to the IPAs, this week I was lucky enough to try the Sierra Nevada Estate – Homegrown Ale: a flavorful American IPA brewed organically with wet hops and barely from Chico, California.

This beer was a gift, which has me unsure if that contributed to how good it tasted, because I really liked the Estate. The first glass went down pretty quickly – the flavor had me taking big sips. This beer is definitely different than their Pale Ale or Torpedo, I’d say it’s taste is a bit more refined, yet satisfyingly hoppy and complex. It doesn’t come on as strong as the Torpedo, but leaves a similar crisp finish. This beer has more of a hoppy citrus flavor than pine.

If you come across this beer I’d say give it a try – I’m currently on the lookout for another bottle.