It’s coming back to life…

bianchi san lorenzo

bianchi san lorenzo

Yup, I’m bringing my Bianchi back to life. I missed having this bike in the stable, plus it rides like a super car…I couldn’t bring myself to sell it. Steel is great and all, but sometimes you wanna feel every nuance of the road and its contours – the Bianchi delivers. It rides like no other road frame I’ve had/tried/tested, though it’s definitely an acquired taste (many complain of it being too stiff).

Don’t get me wrong, I love steel too. I just got a Soma Saga which I’ll be building up to camp/tour this season with 26″ wheels – more on that soon.

Happy Monday y’all.


  • stickboybike

    That scandium frame is the real deal. Rode a 61cm version on a shop ride when traveling for work…loaner from one of their shop racers. Love it so much that I bought an 1885 that spring and raced it the next year.

    Enjoy it!

    • Oh I know! I raced on this guy for a couple seasons before stripping it to build a steel do-all/touring rig which didn’t end up fitting my the way I’d envisioned.

      I’m so happy I didn’t sell the frame…I had a feeling it’d be reincarnated in the near future.