Steelman Cycles Road Bike

steelman cycles road bike

photos: Nikki Hurley

I’ve been following Nikki Hurley (aka Mobius Cycle, aka “Bicycle Stylist“) on Flickr for a while now and am constantly put in awe by not only the bicycles being photographed but also her eye for shooting them. This Steelman Cycles Road Bike is a perfect example. I  love getting up-close and personal with blingin’ bike components and if you do too, I’d suggest continuing below for a few more photographic treats.


steelman cycles road bikesteelman cycles road bikesteelman cycles road bike (3)

steelman cycles road bike (5)


steelman cycles road bike (6)




  • A beautiful bike, beautiful photography, beautiful colour. I learnt more just looking than words could explain, although words are good, too. Spent on hour dreaming through these pictures, I think the colour pulled me in. Seelman, my next stop on the internet. I wonder if they make QUILLS also? Thanks for the………Emilio.