• I remember when we found this frame in a pile of junk. Look at her now. Gret job!!!

  • William Ewing

    I am just trying to find out about a late 80s mixte frame I just received. It is a CILO but I thought it was German.It has a fixed lock on the LHS rear fork. Thrilled to see more about. Mine has Shimano Chainset S.Altus. Low level componentry.Pedal cranks are Shimano 106 cast into a triangle but not like any other shimano 106 I have seen. It is peach pearl metallic. It had no wheels. Weimann single brakes.Short upright alloy bars. Older style stem. Chrome forks with a broad crown.Appears to be 10 speed but derailluer missing.Similar lugs and bits to my ANKAR RAD.