1989 Kestrel MXZ Mountain Bike

1989 Kestrel MXZ (1)

I’ve always admired Kestrel bicycles, and at one point almost bought 2003 Evoke. Anyway, Kestrel was one of the first to pioneer carbon frames back in the late 80s, and this MXZ is a perfect example what level these guys were on. This bike definitely fits the 80s aesthetic, though not in the mountain bike sense; most bikes then were constructed with chromoly steel tubing. See a few more shots below, and read up on the full build at MOMBAT: Muesum of Mountain Bike Art & Technology.


1989 Kestrel MXZ (2)

1989 Kestrel MXZ (3)

1989 Kestrel MXZ (4)


1989 Kestrel MXZ (5)


  • Nat

    Brent Trimble used to come over to use the CAD system at the architecture firm where his brother and I worked in Anchorage Circa 1983. We used to ride our Mountain Bikes summer and winter. Winter required a set of tires with sheet metal screws added from inside out. Lots of fun riding frozen lakes and streams.

    In 1990 I was living in So Cal and bought a Kestrel Mountain Bike with all the latest including nukeproof hubs. Last week after 20 some years of riding the rear hub failed! Time to rebuild that back wheel.

    • Ah man, sounds like some epic times! I’ve been a Kestrel fan since I was just a youngin’ wrenching at the local shop. Twenty years w/o a rebuild is pretty damn good! haha