Custom Rohloff Surly Cross Check Check



photos: Niki Hurley

Bet you didn’t think this was a Surly Cross Check..but it is. We all know how versatile the Cross Check can be, but throw some bling at it, a 14 speed internal Rohloff Speedhub, some gorgeos Honjo fenders and put it infront of the Mobius‘s lens and you’ve got a recipe for a both gorgeous and functional commuter bicycle. Get real close to this beautiful machine below.




  • chris

    hey guys, just wondering what handlebars you put on this sweet ride. have a Cross Check myself and thinking it’s future might look something like the above.



  • Michele

    Hey Guys!
    I hope you can help me…
    where can i get this chain guard? it looks absolutely perfect!

    Thanks Michele

  • Jeff

    I think that’s a velo-orange chain guard.

  • Does anyone know the name or manufacturer of that rack?
    thanks #

    • I do not, sorry 🙁

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  • Bazman

    Looks like a Nitto. It’s similar but not identical to the Rivendell/Nitto big back rack.