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  • Santa Cruz V10 Full Suspension Fat Bike

    santa cruz v10 full suspension fat bike

    santa cruz v10 full suspension fat bike

    Wow, just wow. That’s all I can really say about this Santa Cruz full suspension fat bike. This bike is like what a longboard is to a skateboard. Though you’ll never see me on one of those bouncy sticks, I’ll keep my 8.25″ and 99a’s thank you very much. Photos via Viral MTB.

    Full shot below.


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  • WD-40 BIKE Lube & Cleaners

    wd-40 bike

    Looks like WD-40 has finally created a line of bike-specific lubricants and cleaning agents known as WD-40 BIKE. I’ve never been one to use the traditional formula on my bicycle, though it’s nice seeing a major brand respond to the growing popularity of cycling. The original WD-40, also known as Water Displacement 40th Formula, was originally created in 1953 and intended to (as the name implies) displace moisture – a KPI of any good chain lube. However, after spending a decade working for shops/manufacturers, I’ve found this common household aerosol to mostly attract dirt and gunk up your chain. Perhaps it’s because the original formula wasn’t designed to withstand the constant friction and heat from a frequently ridden chain; or maybe it’s an instance of improper application (i.e. not wiping down the excess). Regardless, I haven’t sprayed a chain with the stuff since I was probably 12 or 13 years old and at that point all I wanted to do was build dirt jumps and ride mountain bikes. So my bike was bound to be a mess. I’m curious to see how this stuff performs, shoot me an email if any of ya’ll pick some up.

    Developed over a span of 12 months via collaboration between WD-40 scientists, professional bike mechanics and independent bicycle retailers, the WD-40 BIKE line was designed for maintenance-minded and discriminating cycling enthusiasts. The line will be featured in bicycle retailers across the United States.

    Lookout for these guys at Interbike this year.



  • Ahearne Cycles Stainless Road Bike

    stainless steel road bike by ahearne cycles (7)

    stainless steel road bike by ahearne cycles (11)

    This beautiful stainless steel road bike by Ahearne Cycles belongs to a very lucky man named Emre. The geometry is slightly more relaxed than a traditional race bike and outfitted for longer rides with a custom rear rack and fenders. The rear rack is one of my many favorite details of this bike, it will also soon be hanging some custom panniers by Philosophy Bags. Another neat detail is the Pacenti Artisan lug set Joseph used for the build. These lugs are no longer being produced so he’s been holding out for the perfect bike to use them on, and what a beauty they’ve helped construct. I can only imagine how long this thing took to polish…

    More shots below as always. See more bicycles from Ahearne here.


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  • Busyman Bicycles for Baum

    busyman bicycles obermyer saddle

    Mick over at Busyman Bicycles has really been on a roll lately. Here’s a custom Arione saddle and matching bar tape for a new Baum Obermyer Lightweight build. I love my Fizik Arione, but would surely love it more if it looked like this. See more amazing custom bicycle saddles here.



  • Moment Industries Rotors

    Moment Industries is a new component company out of California specializing in mountain bike rotors, stems, cable guides and shoes (made by DZR). The rotors come in 160, 185, and 203 with the 160 being made with ‘cross bikes in mind. Check out this short video featuring the Storm and Moment rotors.


  • Lance Loses His Tour de France Titles

    lance armstrong tour de france doping infographic

    This is a great infographic showing all the new Tour De France medalists now that Lance has been forced to forfeit his titles. I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but if not, Lance has decided to stop fighting the doping allegations from the USADA; essentially admitting guilt in their eyes. What some people fail to see is that Lance is still a huge inspiration and a hero for cancer patients and cyclists alike. Sad to see, but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming.


  • Budnitz Bicycles No. 2 Titanium

    photos: Liam Griffin

    I’d fist like to thank Liam for shooting some photos of this lovely Titanium No. 2 by Budnitz Bicycles. A rep from Budnitz was in Vermont earlier this week and Liam spent Tuesday showing him around Burlington and the blossoming bike culture. They visited a bunch of spots including Hubert’s shop, The Old Spokes Home and Maglianero to name a few, and even had time to shoot some photos of a couple bikes.

    The No. 2 is a titanium 69er (26″ rear and 29″ front) with clearance for serious fatties and a super laid-back geometry. Both Liam and Hunt mentioned this as the perfect commuter and winter bike, and I certainly agree. The Gates Carbon Belt Drive will outlast dozens of chains and is much quieter, plus it won’t ruin your khakis. The singlespeed setup pictured features White Industries hubs with Velocity Blunt SL rims, but I’d probably set one of these up with an Alfine 8 or 11. Only because I’d want to outfit it with studs, fenders and a dynamo; so the extra gearing would be a necessity. Lucky for those like me, Budnitz offers the No. 2 with an Alfine 11 / Gates combo. Get a closer look below and get your hands on one here.


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  • Our Wax – Handmade by BMX Riders

    Our Wax

    The guys at Our Wax have a really neat thing going here. They’ve formulated a dual-density wax with a hard, arched side for rails and metal ledges and a soft & flat side for concrete and grittier surfaces. They’ve also got a gang of color options…might have to order some for the skate missions.

    Pick yours up here. Thanks to JP for the tip.