Budnitz Bicycles No. 2 Titanium

photos: Liam Griffin

I’d fist like to thank Liam for shooting some photos of this lovely Titanium No. 2 by Budnitz Bicycles. A rep from Budnitz was in Vermont earlier this week and Liam spent Tuesday showing him around Burlington and the blossoming bike culture. They visited a bunch of spots including Hubert’s shop, The Old Spokes Home and Maglianero to name a few, and even had time to shoot some photos of a couple bikes.

The No. 2 is a titanium 69er (26″ rear and 29″ front) with clearance for serious fatties and a super laid-back geometry. Both Liam and Hunt mentioned this as the perfect commuter and winter bike, and I certainly agree. The Gates Carbon Belt Drive will outlast dozens of chains and is much quieter, plus it won’t ruin your khakis. The singlespeed setup pictured features White Industries hubs with Velocity Blunt SL rims, but I’d probably set one of these up with an Alfine 8 or 11. Only because I’d want to outfit it with studs, fenders and a dynamo; so the extra gearing would be a necessity. Lucky for those like me, Budnitz offers the No. 2 with an Alfine 11 / Gates combo. Get a closer look below and get your hands on one here.