Culture Cycles Jerseys

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The Culture Cycles jerseys are ready! Big thanks to Scotty and Danielle at Catalyst Design here in Burlington for doing the printing, and for the super-quick turnaround. If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about us getting jerseys, it’s ’cause they’re mainly for outfitting our squad at the Harpoon Point to Point Ride this Saturday. Thus, we only made 15 – many of which have already been spoken for. Once we distribute the jerseys to those of whom already paid us, I’ll let y’all know what’s left to purcha$e.

The jerseys are the Origin-8 TechSport in white with an illustration on the back by Noah Hoose and the Culture Cycles seal by Christopher Norris over the right breast. I’m actually very impressed with the quality of these; they’re full-zip and even have a waterproof pocket for your phone / gadget. See a few more details below.


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Back Detail

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Faux carbon fiber

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Nifty pocket

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‘nother back shot