Dan & Derek Tackle The White Mountains

bike touring white mountains new hampshire (1)

bike touring white mountains new hampshire (2)

I’d first like to wish my good friend Dan a quick recovery from a pretty serious accident he was in last week. Dan was riding home from the Catamount Family Center when an SUV took a left right into him. If you know Dan, you know he’s one of the most responsible and well-prepared, year-round bicycle commuters you’ll come across. So when I got a call from him at the hospital, I knew something serious had happened. Even with the brightest dynamo-powered headlamp and defensive riding, this is proof that we all need to keep our eyes and ears open for the unexpected. The good news is that he’s on track to make a full recovery and should be back on his bike in due time.

A few weeks ago, Dan and my friend Derek took a journey out to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for some camping, class four roads and what looks like a serious adventure. Derek wrote a great piece on the trip over at the Old Spokes blog, so you’ll have to head over there for the full scoop and a ton of awesome photos.