Photos From Vote for Gnar at Maglianero

vote for gnar burlington vt (1)

vote for gnar burlington vt (2)

vote for gnar burlington vt (3)

Man, what a weekend it was. Saturday was our third-annual Monster Mash race (more on that later) and Friday was Vote for Gnar, a local event at Maglianero centered around getting folks to vote on Item 2. Item 2 addresses long overdue improvements to the waterfront along with finally tackling bike path repair here in Burlington, VT. The event was a blast and I’d say the turnout was pretty solid. I skated the ramp with a bunch of good friends, drank beers from Longtrail, and hung with Derek and Hunt a bit from Old Spokes Home while they ran some goldsprints. Blue Button played, as did the ever-hustling DJ Disco Phantom, and there were a bunch of skate photos / prints from friends such as Blotto and Shem Roose. Check out a couple more shots here and learn more about this year’s ballot items here.

photos via Maglianero