Curtis Odom Hubs & Magneto Bearings

curtis odem hubs (1)

curtis odem hubs (3)

Photos: Michael Graves
Maybe you’ve heard of Curtis Odom hubs (seen on this Cinelli Supercorsa), but if not you’re in for a treat. There’s not doubt that modern bicycle technology has continued to advance at a rapid rate on all fronts, that’s a fact.  But do modern bicycles continue to look as beautiful as their ancestors? That depends.

Curtis Odom creates gorgeous bicycle hubs with an obvious nod to some timeless classics. Take a look at this wheelset built up with Holey & pepper Pot hubs lased & soldered to some wooden Ghisallo rims. Also, get a close-up of the Magneto bearings below and be sure to have a look at the Curtis Odom Flickr – you’ll be there for a while I bet.


curtis odem hubs (2)