Monster Mash 3 Recap

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Last Saturday the 27th was our third-annual Monster Mash race. I’d first like to thank everyone who came out and raced, we had 41 riders this year! Also, a huge thank you to all our volunteers. We couldn’t have pulled off such an event these past three years if we didn’t have good friends to come race and help us run stops. This year’s race was the latest to start of the three, as our intentions were to “up the spook factor”.

The route led riders all over Burlington with 14 stops with various activities to be completed at each. If you raced, you surely remember the dance stop on Decatur Street…well, that was recorded! So stay tuned for some footage this week. Other locations included a kids bike ‘cross race in the basement of Bike Recycle Vermont, a write-your-name time bonus on a wall at UVM, and running the bases with your bike on St. Paul & Adams St. The course got a great response from riders, making us jealous year after year that we can’t partake. I saw a bunch of new faces this year too which really got me hyped.

If you shot any photos that night we’d love to check them out. Just shoot me an email ( See the top 10 results from the race below, take a peek at the route, and check out the stickers from Sticky Brand and the tees from Catalyst.

**Be sure to come out and race this Saturday at The Great Turkey Chase #5!



  1. Ed Doyle, finishing at 7:55 PM
  2. Bill Lockwood 7:56 PM
  3. Camilla Mahon 8:00 PM
  4. Nick Stefani / Charls Souchuns
  5. Nick Stefani / Charles Souchuns
  6. Kyle Sauter
  7. Will Thomson
  8. John Brown
  9. Chris Erickson
  10. Liam Griffin

I’d write out the complete results but my handwriting started getting really really messy. So if you’d like to be reminded where you finished, just hit me up via email or comment and I’ll decipher your name from the list.



The “sign your name” time bonus at UVM

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We covered town.

culture cycles monster mash (2)

culture cycles monster mash (4)

Illustration by Noah Hoose

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