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  • Derek Update | Bike Touring Through Istanbul, Turkey, Iraq & Kurdistan


    The last time I posted about Derek earlier this month, he was packing his Long Haul Trucker, getting ready for a tour of a lifetime. So far, he’s made it through Istanbul, Turkey, Iraq, Kurdistan and is currently in Kisumu, Kenya on Mfangano Island where he’s volunteering at the Ekialo Kiona Community Bike Shop. After that, he plans on exploring Rwanda by bicycle for a while before returning to Boston. Keep up with him and his captivating stories and photos at Horizons Oblivious (head’s up, you might get sucked in for a few hours).

    Posted above is his personal hut on Mfangano overlooking Lake Victoria and the Kenyan mainland. Best of luck on the rest of your journey buddy, can’t wait to ride again when you’re back in the states!


  • Night Riding


    fat biking at night 2

    I forgot to check the weather for Monday and ended up leaving work with 3+ inches of fresh snow on the streets. My ankle has finally been feeling good enough to do some light activity, so I figured a little cruise around BHS was in order. The snow was nice and light, barely tracked too. No matter what you’re riding, I’d recommend getting out and enjoying the new snow.



  • Paul Components GoPro Camera Mount

    paul go pro mount

    Here’s an accessory I can’t wait to get my hands on: the Paul Components GoPro Mount. If you know me personally, you’re undoubtedly familiar with my GoPro setup for filming skating: it’s ghetto, sacrilegious and straight-up goofy looking (ask me about it if you really want to know). This accessory by Paul is none of those.

    This machined 6061 aluminum top cap is designed for a 1 1/8″ stem which will give you a perfect handlebar point of view for the trail / road. It’ll accept the HERO2, HERO3, and HD HERO and can even be fitted with an articulated pivot arm for more angles / flexibility. I’ll definitely be picking one of these up.


  • Uberwintern: Fat Bike Group Ride in VT

    Fat biking
    has really taken off over the last couple years. Shops haven’t been able to keep the bikes in stock and they’ve been sold out in QBP more than once this season; so no wonder someone’s finally thrown a group ride together. Mountain Bike Vermont along with the Trapp Family Lodge have teamed up to bring you Uberwintern: a fat bike group ride in Vermont’s little corner of Austria. The ride is on February 23 at 10:00 am and will run you $10. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it as I’ll be out in Denver at NAHBS. But, if this piqued your interest head on over to MTBVT and register.


  • Baum Cycles GTB Featuring Busyman Bicycles


    Here’s another beautiful bicycle from Baum Cycles, featuring the fine leather work of Mick at Busyman Bicycles. This Baum GTB is absolutely stunning across all fronts. You’ll just have to see for yourself below. See more bicycles from Baum on their Flickr feed.

    Happy Friday!


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  • Drink Another Gear by e r t z u i ° film

    Holy crap! If you haven’t already seen this video Prolly posted the other day, you gotta. It’d be fun to get something like this together here in Vermont – who’s down?

    High five to the dudes at Ertzui.


  • Bike & Build Fundraiser: The Original Camel Back


    I got an email the other day from a reader named David who’s raising money for a Bike and Build trip where he’ll be riding from Portland, Maine out to Santa Barbara, CA. On the way, he’ll be stopping at various Habitat for Humanity sites to help build new homes. This awesome graphic above can be acquired on a tee shirt of your very own to help fund his cross-country trip. Read up more on David and be sure to pick up a tee if you can. Good luck man, I’d love to do the same at some point.

    Grab the tee here.

    PS: My friend Melanie is also participating in Bike and Build this summer.


  • Brew Review #9: Pretty Things Jack D’Or

    pretty things beer

    Man, I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last brew review. I’m gonna try to get this going again, and what better beer to welcome you back than the Jack D’Or by Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project. The beer was a Christmas gift from Chris and a really great one at that. The glass you see there was also a gift, this time from my sister (pretty much my whole family, aunts included, got me beer related gifts). Pretty Things likes to describe themselves as “gypsy brewers” as they don’t have a permanent brewery they call home. Instead, they’re tenant brewers which gives them the flexibility of brewing a huge variety of beers.

    The Jack D’Or is their flagship beer and is described as a Saison Americaine. Saison, or “seasonal” beers originated in Belgium during the late 19th century and were typically brewed between November and March. They ended up strong and clean enough to properly age through the summer. A big thing that defines saison-style beers is the yeast used. Most are brewed with a red wine yeast which tolerates very high fermentation temperatures, making it the perfect choice to combat summer heat. While the Jack D’Or isn’t a true Belgium saison, it’s definitely a unique beer. It’s bitter at first but then opens up with an array of plant and citrus-like flavors. I’m no expert here, but I know what I like and this beer was certainly a pleasant surprise. I imagined it being similar to a flavorless Belgian wheat ale but its complexity was a real treat. Highly recommended.